The Greatest Narrators

The Greatest Narrators is the debut solo album from Ben Carrigan.  The album was released on 23rd September 2011 to critical acclaim and comprises a collection of beautifully crafted pop songs influenced by the likes of Carole King, Tom Waits and Scott Walker.  The songs are interwoven with a mix of stunning instrumental scores, soaring strings and a filmic sensibility.

As a follow-up to the album, Ben’s new single, The Sweetest Stories, was released on Friday, 29th May 2015.  The new track, written and produced by Carrigan and featuring the vocal talents of New Zealand’s Thom Cross, is a precursor to his, as yet untitled, second album which is currently in production.



An expertly drafted suite of bone bare ballads and earthy instrumentals owing a debt to….Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen” METRO ****

Truly Superb…This Record is worth hearing” HOTPRESS

A batch of sweetly orchestrated songs that highlight Carrigan’s considerable compositional talents IRISH INDEPENDENT

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The Sweetest Stories (feat. Thom Cross)

You Knew It All Along (Official Video)

Flashbacks (Official Video)